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The sheer art to adapt and grow has remained consistent in our lifespan since time immemorial; and so has the hunger to invent and innovate to meet the needs of a changing world.

Infytel strides forward with excellence, providing the best technology and engineering solution in Renewable Energy, IT, telecom, and associate fields. Our customers choose us for our sheer dedication to quality work with robust and long-lasting design and structure that stands the test of time. Our organization aspires to provide our customers with a quality-bounding infrastructure with detailed platform management, principles, and deadlines.

Infytel believes in making our communities and our country better, and that’s what we do together every day.

Years of Experience

infytel posses 12 years of experience.

Success Rate

Infytel records 100% project success rate , to all assigned projects.

Our Products


We are one of the leading engineering services which provide high-quality services for building a robust infrastructure with cost-efficiency. In addition, we maintain certain restoration services for power and infrastructure with various technology of Renewable energy, Water supply and water filtration systems and BTS installation, GSM antenna installation.

Fast service

Infytel offers a quality speedy service with best material and infrastructure. We poses with a team of technically-skilled and well trained and experienced professionals who prioritize meeting the deadlines. Our team works with a supportive approach towards our clients for their desired delivery on or before time .

Agile technological approach

We use cutting edge technical method to peruse the assigned job with better methodology. The Designing procurement installation, testing, and maintenance of any infrastructure are through active and passive technological equipment. This equipment helps accurately test and define the functional abilities with an accurate ratio.

Variable service on a single platform

You can choose us to get various services on a single platform. We connect our clients with the services like Solar panel installation, Solar Pump Installations, various sizes and types of Solar project installations, BTS installation,GSM installation, and many other services. You can avail yourself of the wide range of services on a single platform with detailed explanatory sessions and cost-efficient methods.

Experience team of skilled professionals

Infytel is empowered by a skilled professional with years of experience building and installing quality infrastructure in several fields. Our team works with variable departments managing each segment of work with essential research and technological implementation. With the support of our employees, we are efficient in connecting with many top-notch companies as a customer base.


We look forward to working with complete transparency and detailed discussion with our clients. We arrange special sessions before starting the work to discuss the requirements and techniques customers need from us.

Competitive prices

Our services are cost-efficient compared to other platforms providing similar services. We are stable with our cost-effective solutions and provide post-installation maintenance with our services. We understand the standard rates as per Nodal agencies and in international markets.

Excellent customer assistance

Our experts are always there for you in any assistance and requirement. Connect with us anytime for a consultation. We are available 24X7 at your service.

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